Loc-Mai on smiling on Kawai grand piano

Piano Tuition

With over 25 year’s experience as a qualified piano teacher, I enjoy teaching children and adults at any level, allowing them to express themselves through music whilst experiencing the joy of sharing and performing their music. In treating each student as an individual, I teach them, bearing in mind their age, ability, character and inclinations, in order to help them to fulfil their musical requirements.

Students from various regional, cultural or indeed any demographic group, are welcome to learn, moreover I look on this as an opportunity to diversify those with whom I can share my passion of music.

Should students wish to enter exams, I ensure that they are fully prepared, which maintains a complete success rate in both theory and piano exams. I also love assisting school students in their preparation to perform in school concerts and other musical events.

I currently run very successful introductory piano courses for adult beginners. These provide a great opportunity for adults with little or no musical experience to dip their toes in the water for six weekly lessons in small groups. By the end of the course, they will have had a taste of learning to play the piano, and will be able to play simple pieces musically with both hands, as well as enjoying the social aspect of working together as a group.

On a personal point, I am passionate about music and passing on this joy to others, which enables me to enthuse and encourage my pupils; these hallmarks of my teaching ensure the enjoyment of their flourishing skills. With a warm and positive personality, I enjoy establishing good longstanding professional relationships (students that I taught over 20 years ago are still in contact with me). I also appreciate with much pride my students’ musical development from beginner to where they wish to be, whether that be playing for enjoyment at home, or following through to music college or university.

"Experience the joy of learning..."

Students' Concerts

On a regular basis I organise interactive musical events for student participation, regardless of age or experience. These include concerts and garden parties, to offer them the opportunity to extend their skills in performing and sharing their talent with others. Additionally, it provides a wonderful occasion for them to collaborate and interact with each other both musically and socially.

Loc-Mai Yuen-Brooker's Student's Concert 2012 at Wisbish Grammar School
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